The 5 Stages Of Grief You Go Through When You Find Out You Have Herpes

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1. Denial

There’s no way.

I got a second opinion. I actually went and got tested somewhere else. It just wasn’t possible. After all, I’d only ever really had sex with one person and never without a condom. And with other people I hadn’t done the deed with, I still had been so responsible. Really. There was no way anything like this could have ever happen to me. I went to work right after my appointment, in a daze. In disbelief. Pretending that my afternoon spent in urgent care was all just a bad dream.

2. Anger

Fuck him.

When I found out who had passed it on to me via a cold sore on his lip, I stole his idiotic, hideous, ironic jorts he left at a friend’s house, soaked them in paint thinner and burned them, as two very pleasant drunk passers-by warmed themselves from the bonfire my…

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I always love you, but I wish I didn’t fancy you.

There are many different aspects to a long term relationship, and I have to be honest, I have not got the time or patience to discuss them all. However in light of recent events I wish to discuss some.

Yet again me and the other half have been having some rows, it’s natural I guess when you’ve been with the same person for so long, and you’re both quite identical, and both very VERY stubborn. But anyways. 

The things is, not matter how much we argue, or what about, even when he says truly nasty things to me, I know deep down I still love him because if I didn’t I wouldn’t be with him, and I wouldn’t be arguing with him and trying to save us still. 

But on the other hand, when he is being the worlds biggest douche and really breaking my heart, I get so angry, and yet I know if he just looks at me, I’d drop my pants for him in a heartbeat. 


It’s really frustrating, it’s like, you are being a knob, you are making me cry, but my god you are a beautiful creature.

Also, men talk about women using their looks and sex appeal to win arguments but do you gents realise, you do the same! 

It is heartbreaking being mad at someone you love, but it’s also near impossible when after two years, you still find literally everything about them a turn on. 

10 Reasons I Fell In Love With You

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1. We never managed to enjoy a Valentine’s Day date or other cliché couple-y outings. Instead, I felt your hand on my knee during dinner with your parents. A comforting back scratch on the long subway ride home. Kissing you while it snowed, loving how our breath warmed each other up. Knowing you loved me before you finally said it.

2. I had butterflies in my stomach right before I saw you. Every time.

3. Your genuine kindness may have been abashed by those who didn’t return the favor, but I never stopped believing and loving your sincerity. It’s why everyone is always drawn to you.

4. We fit perfectly together, in a pretzel tangle the way the handle curves and melts so smoothly into the coffee mug.

5. You liked different TV shows and movies than I did, but we fell for the same melodies. We could blast the…

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15 Struggles Every Blonde Experiences

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1. The reoccurring fear that you’re just in your “Zooey Deschanel blonde” phase and that your life will turn around once you go brunette. Every blonde sees the once-blonde-now-better transformation and deeply fears they’re in it without even knowing.

2. Roots. Even if you’re naturally blonde, once the summer sun is done lightening your strands, you end up with darker-shaded roots. This provokes a variety of questions regarding your natural hair color, stylist, etc.

3. The “dumb blonde” jokes that are, somehow, still a thing. I’m biased but I don’t understand how anybody finds those jokes funny. Actually, my theory is that it’s just how people cope with the beautiful, golden mavens of the world.

4. Price of upkeep. The price of highlights these days are insane (especially in New York) and I mean, when you’re dealing with bleach and your head, you usually want to play it safe.

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Watch This Video: The Feminist “Blurred Lines” Parody That Gets It Right

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Every once in awhile, the internet literally reads my mind. Earlier this week, I wrote about the Mod Carousel parody of “Blurred Lines,” which switches the genders of the video to the Robin Thicke “rape anthem,” but unintentionally keeps the misogyny intact. The gender swap is intended to make us think about the predation of women and question the sexualization by putting the gaze onto the male body. However, the video falls short in execution because the problem isn’t just that we need a new video. As I said previously, we need a new message, a world where no one is told, “I know you want it.” Screw you, male gaze.

And like genie magic, Melinda Hughes released her own response to both Thicke’s original song and the Mod Carousel reinterpretation, one that gets it totally right. Godard said that to respond to a movie, we must…

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The problem is fundamentally you.

You’re selfish.

I think me and you will be together for the long haul, but I wonder if you don’t stop being so ” me! me! me!” will I begin to resent you.

I’ve always known your selfish and lazy and just a bit of prick. But it’s all become more upsetting when after two years together, my mum still has nothing to say about you, to you , just nothing. But my sister’s boyfriend, whose only been around a week, is fucking perfect in my mums eyes. 

And it drives me fucking insane that you don’t care that my family hate you, and you’re not even going to try to make them think a bit more of you, and because of that, I think even less of you.

But of course, you don’t care.

22 Sweet Life Hacks That You’ll Totally Use

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There are some things in life that you just don’t know the answer to. Rather, it just doesn’t occur to you that there’s solutions to fix that problem you’re having. I looked through r/LifeProTips and thought that some of these cool tips should be shared.

1. wrenny20

Sick of your mugs looking dirty after they’ve been used for tea? Mix together some vinegar and salt in the mug and rub with a kitchen towel. The stains will disappear. It works without the salt, too, but not as well.

2. Sayyed_saif

I’ve noticed putting icy hot on mosquito bites helps get rid of the itch pretty quickly. It will slightly sting for a few seconds but avoid touching it. Not sure if this would work for everyone but it has been working for me all summer as well as for the few people I’ve told it to.

3. PareidoliaX

If you…

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