I do not have any friends, and I’m ok with that now.

I do not have any friends. And I think this might be the last I say on it , because I truly am past caring now, and it’s good. I feel better.

Sure you ‘tried’ feigned missing me, promises of invites, never losing contact, bff’s and all that blah blah. But we all knew it was bollocks,  but I tried to believe in it, as to save any of us embarrassment. But now, well, I don’t owe a single person anything. I did make the effort, I did mean the ‘I miss you’s’ and I did a lot, and wasted a lot of time, making sure I could see you people whenever you decided to remember I existed and invite me out. 

But I can’t be asked anymore. You can all relate when I say, when you’re in a relationship with someone who doesn’t make any effort you’re always left doing the hard work, and eventually you get fed up and break it off. Well this is me breaking it off.

I don’t wish any nastiness, I really do wish you all well in the future, you’ve all worked for where you are going in your lives and so I hope everything works out as you planned. But whilst you were all planning, you all forgot about me, so now I have to forget about you, it’s only fair. 

And anyways, I’m ok now. I’m finally content with myself, my relationship, and my path in life. Any thing else would either be a bonus or a distraction.

So, yes, I am Layla, I am 18 years old, I do not have any friends, and it really does not matter 😀


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