22 Sweet Life Hacks That You’ll Totally Use

Thought Catalog

There are some things in life that you just don’t know the answer to. Rather, it just doesn’t occur to you that there’s solutions to fix that problem you’re having. I looked through r/LifeProTips and thought that some of these cool tips should be shared.

1. wrenny20

Sick of your mugs looking dirty after they’ve been used for tea? Mix together some vinegar and salt in the mug and rub with a kitchen towel. The stains will disappear. It works without the salt, too, but not as well.

2. Sayyed_saif

I’ve noticed putting icy hot on mosquito bites helps get rid of the itch pretty quickly. It will slightly sting for a few seconds but avoid touching it. Not sure if this would work for everyone but it has been working for me all summer as well as for the few people I’ve told it to.

3. PareidoliaX

If you…

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