So as my closer followers may be aware, I have finally gotten my own car. Although the car wasn’t too expensive, and I managed to get my insurance relatively cheap, and it doesn’t require too much fuel, all the things a car need , do cost money, which I am fast running out with.

So as you may also be aware, I have recently handed in my notice at work, I was due to do my last shift, this Saturday night, however, due to my boss being a cunt, I got kicked out this evening. Which on the one hand is great, as now, for the first time in like 5 years, I’ll have some time off but on the other hand, I could really have used the extra £140 I could have potentially made in my last few days, at the very least it would have paid for my car tax which is due in like 3 weeks. 

So yesterday, I was shopping with the sister, and whilst she was buying everything she could could see, I merely got three pairs of pants that were on special offer and the sunglasses I had wanted and needed for a few weeks. (Wearing contacts more regularly now means my eyes are always exposed to the sun and it hurts now) 

Anyways as a result, for all of yesterday and today I have been stressed, because there isn’t enough money in my life, there aren’t enough jobs out there, and everything costs a fortune nowadays. But as I sit here this evening, jobless, poor, facing the prospect of paying out around £500 (which I barely possess) in the next few weeks I have now decided, I can’t really worry.


Because I do have a potential new job, and even if I hate it, it’s a job and an income. I have a car, my independence and I am gratfeul for that. My boyfriend will probably always be there to lend me a hand, and the cash, should I get into any real trouble. And I guess, I’m just lucky that I do have what I do, even if at current, it isn’t all that much. 

Besides, I don’t know about you, but I’m fucking sick of worrying all the god damn time.

Chins up folks 




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