Watch This Video: The Feminist “Blurred Lines” Parody That Gets It Right

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Every once in awhile, the internet literally reads my mind. Earlier this week, I wrote about the Mod Carousel parody of “Blurred Lines,” which switches the genders of the video to the Robin Thicke “rape anthem,” but unintentionally keeps the misogyny intact. The gender swap is intended to make us think about the predation of women and question the sexualization by putting the gaze onto the male body. However, the video falls short in execution because the problem isn’t just that we need a new video. As I said previously, we need a new message, a world where no one is told, “I know you want it.” Screw you, male gaze.

And like genie magic, Melinda Hughes released her own response to both Thicke’s original song and the Mod Carousel reinterpretation, one that gets it totally right. Godard said that to respond to a movie, we must…

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The problem is fundamentally you.

You’re selfish.

I think me and you will be together for the long haul, but I wonder if you don’t stop being so ” me! me! me!” will I begin to resent you.

I’ve always known your selfish and lazy and just a bit of prick. But it’s all become more upsetting when after two years together, my mum still has nothing to say about you, to you , just nothing. But my sister’s boyfriend, whose only been around a week, is fucking perfect in my mums eyes. 

And it drives me fucking insane that you don’t care that my family hate you, and you’re not even going to try to make them think a bit more of you, and because of that, I think even less of you.

But of course, you don’t care.

22 Sweet Life Hacks That You’ll Totally Use

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There are some things in life that you just don’t know the answer to. Rather, it just doesn’t occur to you that there’s solutions to fix that problem you’re having. I looked through r/LifeProTips and thought that some of these cool tips should be shared.

1. wrenny20

Sick of your mugs looking dirty after they’ve been used for tea? Mix together some vinegar and salt in the mug and rub with a kitchen towel. The stains will disappear. It works without the salt, too, but not as well.

2. Sayyed_saif

I’ve noticed putting icy hot on mosquito bites helps get rid of the itch pretty quickly. It will slightly sting for a few seconds but avoid touching it. Not sure if this would work for everyone but it has been working for me all summer as well as for the few people I’ve told it to.

3. PareidoliaX

If you…

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I’m A Straight Girl, But Prefer Lesbian Porn. Anyone Else?

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Until this summer, I had never watched porn before. Sure, there were those sleepovers where we were drunk and a little curious and my friend who may or may not be lesbian put on some porn, but that was only for two minutes and it honestly kind of weirded me out.

But this summer, when my boyfriend and I were forced to go long distance, I began watching porn more and more. And I found something that confused me – I liked watching lesbian porn more than straight porn.

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Now, I should say that I am straight, and have had a slew of boyfriends and am pretty darn serious with my latest one – but still, my liking for lesbian porn confuses me. I would never want to be with another girl – sure, I’ve also had my drunken experiences…

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So as my closer followers may be aware, I have finally gotten my own car. Although the car wasn’t too expensive, and I managed to get my insurance relatively cheap, and it doesn’t require too much fuel, all the things a car need , do cost money, which I am fast running out with.

So as you may also be aware, I have recently handed in my notice at work, I was due to do my last shift, this Saturday night, however, due to my boss being a cunt, I got kicked out this evening. Which on the one hand is great, as now, for the first time in like 5 years, I’ll have some time off but on the other hand, I could really have used the extra £140 I could have potentially made in my last few days, at the very least it would have paid for my car tax which is due in like 3 weeks. 

So yesterday, I was shopping with the sister, and whilst she was buying everything she could could see, I merely got three pairs of pants that were on special offer and the sunglasses I had wanted and needed for a few weeks. (Wearing contacts more regularly now means my eyes are always exposed to the sun and it hurts now) 

Anyways as a result, for all of yesterday and today I have been stressed, because there isn’t enough money in my life, there aren’t enough jobs out there, and everything costs a fortune nowadays. But as I sit here this evening, jobless, poor, facing the prospect of paying out around £500 (which I barely possess) in the next few weeks I have now decided, I can’t really worry.


Because I do have a potential new job, and even if I hate it, it’s a job and an income. I have a car, my independence and I am gratfeul for that. My boyfriend will probably always be there to lend me a hand, and the cash, should I get into any real trouble. And I guess, I’m just lucky that I do have what I do, even if at current, it isn’t all that much. 

Besides, I don’t know about you, but I’m fucking sick of worrying all the god damn time.

Chins up folks 



Some People Are Fucking Unreal

I think some people may take this post the wrong way and assume that in some way I am trying to brag, however I must assure you,that is not the purpose of this post at all.

In the last week, I have had three different boys either ask me for my number/ask me out/ask if I’ve split up with my boyfriend yet (which is just fucking irritating by itself) but do you want to know what annoys me the most about these bloody cretins?!

I am a FAITHFUL WOMAN, so when I turn round and politely say “sorry, but I have a boyfriend” so we can end this conversation with the least amount of embarrassment and carry on with our lives, I DON’T expect you to keep fucking going on.

One boy had the cheek to keep basically asking me for a shag despite me protesting profusely due to my loyalty to my boyfriend (and my complete disinterest in this specimen trying to ‘bed’ me) and when after the fifth time I said I have no interest in him, I’m in a relationship he said “oh you’re just too interested in your man” WELL OF COURSE I’M FUCKING INTERESTED IN HIM. He’s my boyfriend, and I’m hardly going to throw two whole years of a pretty good relationship, for some twat that cant take a fucking no, because of his cunting misogynistic ego.

I mean FUCK ME! I just hate boys my age, they ARE all after one thing, and don’t really care, how, when, where they get it or even who it involves, and it makes my fucking skin crawl.

Rant over…


…for now.