Things Are Looking Up , Oh Finally.

Ok, so the title of this post is a slight exaggeration, but nonetheless.

If you have paid attention to any of my previous posts or spoken to me in the last 2 months, you may have gathered I have not been happy. In particular with my job. Well, I haven’t documented so much recently, but my job has gotten worse. I am no getting shouted at at the beginning of every shift. No matter how much work I do on my 8 hour shifts, it’s not enough apparently. And I’m being told one thing by my boss and another by my supervisor and so of course am always in the wrong.

Well, recently (very recently) my boyfriend started a new chef job at a restaurant an old friend of his has just bought, and I have been offered a waitress position there. Now, yes, I do no longer enjoy waitressing as much as i used to, but I am hoping being able to work with people who I like again will give me back my motivation. Besides, if all goes well on my trial shift and this job becomes official, I will not only be working with my boyfriend, and a friend of mine in a better place of work, where I am not tormented everyday (hopefully) but I will also be taking home an extra £120 a month in wages, which will be much needed when I buy the car that will get me to my new job. And as this new restaurant is pretty swish I could be earning a further £50 a week, in tips (of course that is not definite, but it IS food for thought)

And yes I know money isn’t everything, and working with my boyfriend could be difficult (although we HAVE done it before perfectly fine) I truly think I could be ok in this job once I’m given my training, so long as I don’t have to face my current boss ever again.


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