6 Things You Should Never Do In A Relationship

Thought Catalog

1. Make them feel bad about a normal body function.

If that girl lets out an unexpected little toot in your bed when you two are just moments post-lovemaking, loud enough for all to hear and clear enough to render a denial impossible, you lighten that god damn mood like the hero you are. You laugh, you tell her it was cute, you use every weapon in your “It’s okay, I still find you beautiful and wonderful” arsenal because that girl is currently dying a thousand tiny, papercut deaths inside at the prospect that this person she is really into has just been made stinkily aware of the fact that she is a real human being. Don’t be the person who makes her feel even more awkward or uncomfortable or ashamed over something that happens to everyone. Everyone poops and burps and farts and bleeds and gets all sick and…

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