What’s It Like Being A Curly-Haired Woman?

Thought Catalog

There is a certain sort of sophistication that comes with curls in different manifestations — cascading down a bare back, a single lock of hair over a shoulder, a few baby strands peeking over a hairline, or those at the end of a high ponytail that swings with every walk.

You always get compliments. It seems that the prevalent ideal of beauty is long, cascading wavy and/or curly hair, and in turn your hair is the envy of many a straight-haired girl. They can’t believe it is that unrealistically beautiful, and they ask “Is it natural or did you get a perm?” (The audacity!)

What they don’t understand is that sometimes, we curly-haired women long for that ramrod-straight hair that hangs in a glossy curtain down our backs. Having curly or wavy hair means your fringe usually has more kinks to iron out than a straight-haired girl’s. Besides, when it…

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