I Love You, But I Love Myself More

Totally my past…

Thought Catalog

My friends all think I’m crazy. Not for leaving — that, they’ve been encouraging me to do for a long time — but for having stayed with you for so long before doing so. They could see that you were good looking, a good dancer, charming enough in conversation. Everyone could see the superficial qualities you possessed. But for me to have given so much of myself to you over such an important chunk of my youth, that was insane. When I told them that I was finally going to cut it off, my friend brought out a bottle of champagne.

You’ll ask me if I love you, and I do. You’ll give me all of these big, overdone speeches about how no one will ever love me like you do — and that’s probably true, actually. People won’t love me the same. They will love me more wholly, more…

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