7 Things You Think In A Long-Term Relationship

Thought Catalog

Pain, past, fear, anxiety, insecurity, and general wonderment don’t just disappear as days turn to weeks, weeks to months, and months to years. Perhaps it’s only for a moment. Maybe it will linger for a dangerously indefinite time. Either way, uncontrollable contemplation has accompanied the coattail our anniversary.

How Have I Not Ruined This Already? Having lasted longer than any previous romantic blunder, I’m genuinely stumped on how we’ve managed to survive. Are you overlooking my neurotic tendencies or ignoring my masochistic urges? Do I really know everything about you and do you genuinely know everything about me or are your slumbering secrets only “right questions” deep? I’ll spend most of my time hoping not and waiting to be wrong.

When Will This Get Boring? Will we eventually sink into the molasses of romantic stability? Staying in for quiet nights and planning weekly Wednesday dates have comfortably become a blanket…

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