6 Reason Girls Don’t Admit To Being Raped

Thought Catalog

An average of 270,000 rapes occur in the United States each year; or 1.3 women are forcibly raped each minute. These are the ones reported to police. Only 16% of rapes are reported.

Shame. We still live in a culture where girls and women are often blamed. It is their fault; possibly by something they wore, by drinking too much, or by simply walking down the street. The “you provoked this” ideology has remained the same for decades despite great strides in women’s equality. However, in court, tables are turned, the rapist becomes the victim.

Humiliation. Once a girl is raped, many girls believe they are tarnished for life. Word starts to spread, rumors spread, and she faces the possibility of being ostracized by her friends, school, and community.

Fear. The potential backlash of perpetrator. If he finds out she told, her life may be at risk, or she may…

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