Some People Just Won’t Appreciate You Until You’re No Longer Around

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Some people just won’t appreciate you until you’re no longer around. Sometimes people can’t see what they have; they only see what’s missing. They can’t even see that they have a preoccupation with recognizing what’s absent; it’s simply in their nature to do it. You can give and they’ll usually take, maybe you’ll even get a “thank you,” but at the end of the day there’ll be a desire for more. You give a hand, they want an arm. You give a day’s time, they want a week. You give the earth, they want the entire galaxy, and you wonder if you’ll ever do enough. If you’ll ever be enough. You know deep down you won’t, but you’ll continue to try, because maybe eventually they’ll see what they have.

When you look out, you see a large yard with potential to be the greenest, healthiest, most beautiful lawn in existence…

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I dreamed a dreamed.

I dreamt about you around 3/4 days ago. It was beautiful. We were friends again and you said you forgave me.

Everything was back to how it should be, we were friends once more, being silly and giggling like we used. Planning how drunk we’d get on our nights out, saying the stupidest phrases, and we were just happy, there was no bitterness.

And when I woke up  I thought it was real, and I checked my phone, my facebook and my twitter thinking maybe there had been a conversation between us I had forgotten. But there wasn’t. It was all a dream, we’re not friends again, in fact as far as I’m aware you still hate my guts. 

And I’ll never know why . 😦

I. Want. Out.

I do not like this world anymore, and I no longer wish to be in it.

I’m not just talking about my life being the biggest pile of shit right now that seems to be ever worsening and I’m not just talking about the fact that last week an innocent man got completely butchered for no reason. I’m talking about humanity as a whole-it’s all a pile of wank.

There is no kindness or compassion in this world anymore. Everyone looks out for number one and destroys anything or anyone who doesn’t allow and it makes me sick.

People are hateful creatures, and this world is full of sins and darkness, and I hate it, and I no longer wish to be a part of it,

(And yes I hate myself for saying that)

19 Signs You Are Burned Out (And Probably Need A Vacation)

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1. You’ve stared blankly at your computer for extended periods of time. You have things to do; you’re just taking longer than usual to get them done. A lot longer.

2. You yelled at your mother. You never ever yell at your mother.

3. Actually you yell at just about everyone and everything these days. “WHY IS THIS STUPID DRESS STAINED? ARGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!” (Just take it to the cleaners.)

4. No one wants to talk to you anymore because every conversation has a 86.73% chance of you ending up in tears.

5. You’re intentionally avoiding family and friends like the plague because right now, everything they say gets on your nerves.

6. Your surroundings – your city, your neighborhood, which you usually love is starting to feel like a prison.

7. You are falling back asleep within three hours of waking up, and I mean flat-out, gone into dreamland in your…

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What’s It Like Being A Curly-Haired Woman?

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There is a certain sort of sophistication that comes with curls in different manifestations — cascading down a bare back, a single lock of hair over a shoulder, a few baby strands peeking over a hairline, or those at the end of a high ponytail that swings with every walk.

You always get compliments. It seems that the prevalent ideal of beauty is long, cascading wavy and/or curly hair, and in turn your hair is the envy of many a straight-haired girl. They can’t believe it is that unrealistically beautiful, and they ask “Is it natural or did you get a perm?” (The audacity!)

What they don’t understand is that sometimes, we curly-haired women long for that ramrod-straight hair that hangs in a glossy curtain down our backs. Having curly or wavy hair means your fringe usually has more kinks to iron out than a straight-haired girl’s. Besides, when it…

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Why don’t you want me?

It’s been months since we’ve had sex and it’s wrong. You may be older than me, but you are not old, and I’m in my prime, my peak, my sexual ripening.

I should not be rejected everyday, I shouldn’t be made to feel ugly, unfanciable, unwanted.

Why don’t you want me like a man should want his woman? Is it me? Am I just wrong?

I Love You, But I Love Myself More

Totally my past…

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My friends all think I’m crazy. Not for leaving — that, they’ve been encouraging me to do for a long time — but for having stayed with you for so long before doing so. They could see that you were good looking, a good dancer, charming enough in conversation. Everyone could see the superficial qualities you possessed. But for me to have given so much of myself to you over such an important chunk of my youth, that was insane. When I told them that I was finally going to cut it off, my friend brought out a bottle of champagne.

You’ll ask me if I love you, and I do. You’ll give me all of these big, overdone speeches about how no one will ever love me like you do — and that’s probably true, actually. People won’t love me the same. They will love me more wholly, more…

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