You Wait

Thought Catalog

At first, you wait because it’s probably nothing. It’s not fatigue; you’re just tired because you started a new exercise routine. The bruises? You’re clumsy. Who knows what you bump into on a daily basis? Dressers, beds? You mumble Lonely Island lyrics: “Two words about furniture: killing machines.” You have night sweats because you sleep under too many covers. It’s as simple as that. You’ll wait a week or two, and see a doctor if they haven’t gone away.

You see the doctor. She listens as you describe the fatigue, the bruises, the soaking night sweats. She touches a lump you show her. “I’m almost certain this is nothing,” she says, as you exhale (finally). “With people your age, we very rarely find anything malignant. If it grows or changes over the next few months, come back.”

You wait three months…

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