If I Could See All My Friends Tonight

Thought Catalog

We all promise we won’t lose touch. Friends forever. You’re like my brother. My sister. I won’t be gone for that long. We’re not going to change that much.

On “Smoke Ring For My Halo,” Kurt Vile sings “My best friend’s long gone, but I’ve got some runner-ups.” Never mind that it should have been “runners-up,” this is how I felt for a lot of my 20s. I met a lot of people along the way and very few measured up to the idea I carried with me of the friends I made in adolescence and college. Eventually, I came to realize how narrow my thinking had been. The kind of limited thinking that leads to further isolation. Over the years I’ve met people just as good as my old buddies. But that doesn’t mean they’ll ever take the place of those first, best friends. Unless there is a betrayal…

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