You Got A Friend In Me.

New friendships are always difficult, there is always that awkwardness as two people slowly become acquainted and get to know each other. Wanting to confide in each other, but not wanting to be the first one to say anything and look weird.

Perhaps that’s why I’ve been hanging on to the wrong people all my life. I’m so scared of being the awkward one, having to start from scratch with a new person, having to slowly win the trust of a new friend, that I told myself it wasn’t worth the effort, either I would stay in contact with my ‘old’ friends, or I wouldn’t have any at all. And that just isn’t fair on me in the long run, or people around me, like my boyfriend. He has friends, so when he wants a guys night he has, where do I go, when I need a girl to talk to about my boyfriend, or shopping, or just the fact I’m having a bad day? Plus due to the fact  I have no friends, I am always bugging my boyfriend, and that annoys him.Obviously. 

But well I’ve just met you, and you seem nice, and I’d like to think we get along. We went out for a meal last Sunday, and I think it’s safe to say we enjoyed ourselves, nice little nando’s and a bottle of wine, And made even easier by the fact that neither of us have our own friends, so we understand each other and find solace that we kinda sorta now have each other. 

So I don’t want to freak you out, and become to friendly too soon, but I am quite glad to have finally found a girl who I can see myself becoming good friend with. 



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