I said to him “I’m too young to be having sex only once a week, every two weeks” He replies, “yes I know, I know I hold you back, you’re only a baba”

But the truth is, the age gap will hold both of us back. I’m too young to be staying in every weekend, to be basically abstinent,  to be thinking about careers and houses and babies. And you’re older, not too old, but too old to be clubbing till 4 in the morning everyday, too old to be fucking me every couple of hours, too old to be held back by a girl who cant drive, who has no money, no career, no future in mind. So yes of course, on the one hand our future doesn’t good to those outsiders, they all assumed our relationship would fail because there are 11 whole years between us, that’s an entire decade of your life that I wasn’t a part of! But between us, we keep the spark alive, we surprise each other with kind words when we know the other needs it, we go out to beautiful restaurants occasionally and we are pretty happy with each other. So perhaps we should stop seeing it as holding each other back but rather, having to make compromises fro each other, which is the same in EVERY relationship regardless of age, height, religion. We’re actually a pretty normal couple when you think about it. You may feel guilty for me missing out on certain milestones, and I’ll always feel guilty for delaying your dreams of a family, but we’ll manage, because when you love someone you do, don’t you.


We’re turning into Ted and Robin. What if you always want your own kids? What if I never do?


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